Goodbye New York…

Well, we did it. We sold most of our furniture, packed up the rest of our stuff into 2 mini vans, and said goodbye to New York, our home for the past year and a half and our first home together. We had pretty much the best year and a half imaginable and it’s hard to believe that the next year and a half will probably be even better, more exciting, and filled with even more adventures.

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Don’t Drink the Water!!

Lonely Planet made a Facebook post asking people to bust some of the most common travel myths. Someone posted a comment that said “don’t drink the water” which is something I’ve been wondering a lot about. Obviously, I know we can’t drink the water during our travels, but I’ve been wondering whether or not we’d ever get used to it or if we’d be destined to drink bottled water for the next year +.

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India Visa Application Process = Very Intense and Scary!

Ok, maybe not scary, but the application process for our India visa was definitely extremely intense. We’ve gotten a few of our visa’s already and typically, you fill out a pretty standard application, go to the consulate, wait in a long line, and then come back a week (or something) later to pick up your completed visa.

Not for India.

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The Word Is Out!

Well, he did it. Dave finally gave his notice at his firm and said that it could not have possibly gone better. Listening to how happy and relieved he sounded once he was done made me feel so great! Everyone he spoke to was beyond supportive and even a little jealous of our plan. He’s not 100% sure about when his last day will be, but sometime in the next couple of weeks.

This is what we’ve been waiting for for so long. I feel so happy for Dave now that he doesn’t have to feel like he’s keeping secrets anymore. Everything is out in the open and now we have nothing to worry about other than planning the final details of our trip and getting excited for everything that’s to come!

I know that I feel so relieved about everything, I can’t even imagine how he must feel. Hopefully like a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders. All I do know is that he couldn’t get his much anticipated Facebook announcement up fast enough 🙂

The big announcement!   The interaction!

A Little Over a Month

Well, we’re really getting close now. Just a little over a month until we leave for our trip and I’m getting so excited. For so long, it seemed so far away and now I’m finally starting to feel like it’s really happening. For the past couple of months, we haven’t had much to do in terms of planning, but now that it’s just over a month away, we’re getting back into planning mode with all of the final details of the trip.

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