A Little Over a Month

Well, we’re really getting close now. Just a little over a month until we leave for our trip and I’m getting so excited. For so long, it seemed so far away and now I’m finally starting to feel like it’s really happening. For the past couple of months, we haven’t had much to do in terms of planning, but now that it’s just over a month away, we’re getting back into planning mode with all of the final details of the trip.

I spent a few hours yesterday filling out our Visa’s for India. They were intense. They asked questions like “tell me all of the countries you’ve visited in the past ten years.” Ten years!!? That’s insane (especially for Dave). Luckily, they cut it off after so many characters. We had been planning on getting our visas for India and for Thailand when we went back to Chicago in July, but luckily, I looked into it again because with the amount of days it takes to get each back, we would have been cutting it way too close. I’ll feel much better when all of these are taken care of.

Now the big thing that I’m working on is selling all of our furniture. It’s all been on Craigslist for about a week, and I’m getting a little worried because I haven’t gotten many bites. Hopefully, once I lower all the prices again, more people will show interest. Also, starting next week I’ll be able to post everything on Facebook, so hopefully we’ll sell a few things from that.

And, of course, the thing on my to-do list that I’m the most nervous about… PACKING! AH! I have no idea how I’m going to do it. If anyone has tips, please feel free to share. Basically, I’ve decided that I would rather wear the same outfits over and over again than have to struggle with a bag that’s way too heavy for me. When we were in Europe over xmas and NYE, I struggled every day with my bag and it’s just not worth it. Sorry Dave, but you’ll probably be seeing me in the same 10 outfits for the next few months (and I guess I should say sorry to everyone on FB too because you’ll also be seeing them in all of our pictures.). I think it’ll be worth it though!

Now that we’re back into planning mode, you can expect to see a lot more posts from me, so get ready and let the countdown begin… 40 more days!!! EEEK!

4 thoughts on “A Little Over a Month

  1. Hey! My hubby and I traveled around the world for a year, and I did the whole thing with only a carry-on size backpack, (Osprey 46 litre) and it was seriously the BEST decision I made. I never felt weighed down, and when we felt nervous about checking our valuables in certain countries or airports, we packed them up and carried them on the plane with us. And would you believe, I still felt like I had too much stuff!!

    If you’d like, you can check out our packing lists here: http://travel-stained.com/category/preparation-and-planning/gear/

    Happy traveling!! πŸ™‚


    • This is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing. I’ll definitely refer to your list when I start packing in a couple of weeks… Especially the part about the things you brought but ended up getting rid of along the way. I’ve been thinking of just trying to pack everything in some kind of carry-on back pack and it seemed a little crazy for 2 months of traveling PLUS a move to Thailand, but I guess if you could do it, I could maybe/probably try to do it too πŸ™‚ Thanks again!


      • Your back will definitely thank you, and honestly, unless there’s something really special that you want to take with you, you’re better off buying your clothes in Thailand. It’s REALLY hot there and the fabrics are designed for that kind of weather…plus there’s plenty of great places to shop in Bangkok. You certainly won’t have trouble finding what you need… Enjoy!!


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