Thailand Visa Process = Piece of Cake

The visa process for Thailand was pretty much the opposite of the India visa process. As scary, intense, and stressful as that was, getting a visa for Thailand literally took 2 seconds. I was worried that I didn’t do everything or didn’t have all the forms because they asked for so little.

The application was one page, front side only, and I was able to fill both mine and Dave’s out in just a few minutes. They didn’t ask for any proof of address, proof on onward travel… Nothing. Just 2 passport photos, the application, and $80 per person for the fee.

If you’re going to Thailand for 30 days or less, you don’t even need a visa. But, we wanted to make sure that we would be all set, so we got a 60 day tourist visa with 2 entries (if you only get one entry, it’s half the price).

I got to the consulate, there was no line and I was in and out in 5 minutes. I can pick up our visas tomorrow and then we’ll be all set.

Piece of cake! Thailand, here we come!

4 thoughts on “Thailand Visa Process = Piece of Cake

  1. Haha – this says so much about what to expect in the respective countries. India is amazing, but it definitely is not easy to get things done there – lotta commotion (but not scary at all – people are so friendly)…and Thailand, well your experience pretty much sums it up! It’s soooo chilled out there…. 🙂


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