Some Other Interesting Job Opportunities

We’ve been applying to a ton of jobs and this week were presented with two very interesting opportunities:

1. I applied to a job with an admissions consulting company. They help Thai students with the application process for Universities and Masters Degree programs in the US and UK. When I graduated from college, I worked for a company that focused on MBA interview preparation, so I thought it might be a good fit for me. I guess I made it through the first round of cuts and then was informed that in order to receive an interview, I first had to take a test… a 3.5 hour test, and if I passed, I would then be at the interview stage.

I asked them if there was any way for me to take the test while in NY, and they said that they could administer it via Skype. They’re open from 9am-6pm Thai time, so they told me to let them know a time that worked for me. Well, the only feasible time for me to take this test was starting at 10pm. It was pretty brutal. By 1:30 am, I barely had any idea what I was writing and I’m not very confident that I passed, but if I did, I think it would be a great opportunity and a good fit for me.

2. We heard back about an application we submitted to Assumption University. Supposedly, it’s a very good school in Thailand, and instead of teaching English to kids, we’d be teaching college students. It sounds pretty awesome! We could live on campus in a dorm (fun!) and would have access to all of the facilities at the school (gym, cafeteria, etc). The only downside is that the position would start in January, 2014, whereas we were planning to start our jobs in November. But, it sounds like an awesome opportunity, so I think we’d be able to change our plans around a bit in order to make it work. Traveling for an extra couple of months before starting work doesn’t sound too bad to me!

I’ll keep you posted on anything that comes from either of these, and in the meantime, keep your fingers crossed for us!

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