Goodbye New York…

Well, we did it. We sold most of our furniture, packed up the rest of our stuff into 2 mini vans, and said goodbye to New York, our home for the past year and a half and our first home together. We had pretty much the best year and a half imaginable and it’s hard to believe that the next year and a half will probably be even better, more exciting, and filled with even more adventures.

We loved New York for so many reasons and while we really feel that we took full advantage of our short stay there, deep down we still wish that we had a little more time to explore the city. It was hard saying goodbye to our friends and family and it was hard saying goodbye to the city that we have loved so much. I won’t lie I may have cried a little bit while looking back over the GW bridge on our way out of the city.

So far, Dave and I have left two great cities behind (Chi and NY) for the chance to explore and try something new. Both times it has been bitter sweet, but I’ve come to realize that home isn’t where our house is or where our stuff is, it’s wherever we are together.

Now, we’re on to our next city, our next adventure, and to New York, all we can say is thanks for the memories and we hope to be back someday!

All of our stuff in 2 mini vans!


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