Our First Couch Surfing Experience. Spoiler Alert – We Loved It!

I head about a website called couchsurfing.org, which is basically a website that allows you connect to people from all over the world and offer people traveling to wherever you live a place to stay (for free) and you can also find places to stay when you’re traveling. Literally you just crash on people’s couches.

Anyway, I really wanted to try it out to see if we could use it during our trip (we never stay in our hotel for more than a few hours so I thought it would be a good way to save money). So I found a couple from Buenos Aires (Bruno, who is 29 and and Moira, who is 26) who were coming to NY and invited them to stay here and then asked if we could stay with them when we come to BA in August.

They arrived last night at around 9:30pm (right in the middle of The Bachelor finale, ughhh) and we literally hung out with them til one in the morning. We opened a bottle of wine (they’re from Mendoza, so we bought a Malbec) and gave them leftover food from our engagement party for dinner. They have never had pretzels before, can you believe it!!!! They were obsessed. And then tonight they asked us if they could cook us Argentinean pizza for dinner??? Of course, we said yes!


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