Thailand Teaching Interview #1

I’ve started to get back into the job search, and even I know it’s still probably way too early, I just want to stay on top of it just in case anything comes up. Right now, most schools are still filling positions for the semester starting with May, but as long as the posts don’t say May specifically, I’ll still apply. And, I guess it’s paying off because I just had my first interview.

I applied to the LoveTEFL program, and literally could not have been more excited when I heard back from them asking me about a time for an interview. I had a phone interview with the nicest lady from the program and think that it went very well. I don’t think that she realized I wasn’t arriving in Thailand until September, but she said it was ok, she would just put me in her file for the next semester.

The interview was great. She got to know me and I got to ask a ton of questions about the teaching program and about Thailand in general. It really just confirmed my excitement and made me feel good about our job prospects once we arrive.

So, with one interview down, I’m confident that we’ll be employed and we’ll be ok. The lady from LoveTEFL asked me to contact her again in June so that we could get the ball rolling with the job placement. Ok, I’m ready to fast forward to then and get this show on the road!

2 thoughts on “Thailand Teaching Interview #1

  1. I’m sure you know this but be sure to start collecting things that you’ll want to bring with you as part of your “teaching aides” repertoire bc they literally have nothing…..think flash cards, stickers, colored paper, etc, the kids will love all of that stuff!!


  2. Thanks Sar! Unfortunately, we hardly have enough room to pack all of our clothes, let alone any teaching supplies, so I think we’ll just have to wait until we get there to get whatever we need.


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