Thailand Teaching Interview #2

We had another interview this week with a company called Teach to Travel. We were introduced to them by the company we took our TEFL course through and have been going back and forth with them for quite a while about possibly job opportunities.

Finally, we set-up an interview for this week and spoke to someone who taught through the program for three years, and now is working directly for the company to find and place other teachers. We spoke to him for almost an hour and left feeling pretty confident that we could have a job with them, if we wanted. The only problem is that it seems as though most of the schools they partner with are located outside of Bangkok, rather than directly in the city.

After discussing it, Dave and I decided (just as we did with South Korea) that this whole experience is most likely going to be something that we do just once in our lifetime. Because of that we don’t want to make any sacrifices or any compromises with what we want. If we want to live in Bangkok, then we’ll find a job in Bangkok.

We did have a great conversation with the guy interviewing us though and he made us even more excited (if that’s possible) for our adventure to begin. He had planned to come to Thailand to teach for one semester and he’s already been there for three years with no plans to leave. More and more, it seems as though this is the norm. People come to travel or to stay for a short while, and they fall in love with Thailand to the point that they can’t get themselves to leave.

Not only did this interview make us more excited, it also made us realize that our idea to live in Bangkok for a semester and then somewhere else (maybe in the South) for another semester was not so crazy after all. Our interviewer told us that people do it all the time. In fact, they a lot of the time they go somewhere else in Thailand for a weekend and like it so much they decide to stay.

It’s all very exciting and it seems as though there are so many possibilities for us there. Only 102 more days…. Not like I’m counting or anything 🙂

4 thoughts on “Thailand Teaching Interview #2

  1. That’s so exciting! I’m trying to teach English in Thailand this fall, so I’ll definitely enjoy reading your blog to hear and learn about all your Thai experiences 🙂


      • I’m not exactly sure yet. I’m looking at going with a recruiting company called Greenheart Travel and you don’t figure out where your placement is until you actually get to the country and are going through orientation. There’s a program fee, but they seem to be really organized, are based in Chicago, don’t seem scammy, help with getting a work permit, and they pay pretty well for someone with no training. I am also planning on doing all this alone, and I think going through a recruiting company will put my parents a little more at ease! 🙂 I do hope to travel and spend some time in Bangkok prior to beginning any employment there though!


  2. That’s awesome! We actually looking into using that company and thought it looked great, but decided against it when they couldn’t guarantee we’d be placed together and in Bangkok. For someone who’s doing it alone though, it seems like a great option.. I’m sure you’ll meet a ton of people through the program. Keep me posted on where you end up!


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