Remember That Life is Long.

An email from one of Dave’s college friends that includes another great quote!

After 7+ wonderful years in a job that I’ve loved, I’ve resigned to avoid business travel and to spend that time with my babies. I’m looking for a new non-travel role in Milwaukee, but if I don’t find something quickly I’ll get to spend the summer (and fall and winter?) at home with Grant and Claire! A colleague gave some beautiful advice that I really appreciated:

“Remember that life is long, and living every bit of it at the same time only makes you crazy and unable to savor the joys of each–kind of like eating a gourmet meal all in one huge mouthful. So take small bites, and love those babies. The rest of the world will still be there.”

No matter what comes next – a new job or not – I’m looking forward to taking small bites ♥ Wish us luck!!


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