Back to The South America Bus Situation – Argh!

Ok, back to this, yet again. I expected it to be hard to find insurance, flights, tours, but busses were probably the last thing I expected to have trouble with. I’ve probably spent an entire day all together so far figuring out this bus situation and here’s what I’ve found:

From Iguaza Falls to Florianopolis: The bus company for this leg of the trip seems to be Pluma. I can’t access any information on the Pluma website and I’ve unsuccessfully tried to contact them numerous times (can you guys please get back to me already??), but I found a route through Green Toad Bus Company. They do a lot of tours, hop on hop off type situations. I found a direct overnight route from Foz de Iguacu to Florianopolis for around $75, and I could book it now if I wanted to. And, the best part about this is that they also helped me figure out the Argentina reciprocity situation. They sent me an article saying that the rules just changed (of course) and while you used to only have to pay the reciprocity fee when entering through the airport in Buenos Aires, now you have to pay when entering from anywhere. The worst part is that it needs to be paid in advance, so we couldn’t even take a chance to see if maybe we somehow missed it when going through customs. Oh well, at least now we know.

From Buenos Aires to Mendoza: The bus companies for this leg seem to be TAC or Andesmar. It’s a 15 hour trip and should be around $100. We also should be able to do an overnight trip for this. I spoke to someone from Andesmar and they said you can only buy 15 days in advance.

From Mendoza to Santiago: Same deal as BA to Mendoza. TAC or Andesmar are the companies to use. It’s only a 7 hour ride and should be around $45 pp.

From Santiago to Buenos Aires: Looks like we can take the company Ahumada Internacional, which leaves Saturday’s and Sunday’s at 5pm. This trip is around 20 hours and should be about $150 pp.

The only one I can’t quite seem to figure out is Florianopolis to Buenos Aires still so I’ll need to save that one for another day. I do feel better now that I figured out everything else more or less.

One thought on “Back to The South America Bus Situation – Argh!

  1. When i read a post like yours that talking about people taking advantagre from tourists… I am furious. What the people think? The travellers are very important to our tourism devepolment…. Sorry about they. Hope you came back to Brazil one day…


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