The Many Types of Malaria Pills

More fun stuff. Today I found out the difference between all of the different types of Malaria pills.

Apparently, they’re pretty expensive and you have to take them a lot. Joy. Which ones are the best to get? How long do we have to take them for? When do we have to start taking them? Well, I think I’ll have to leave these questions to be answered another day.

  • Malarone: Must take daily and is very expensive (ie $7-8 per pill)
  • Doxocycline: Must take daily and much cheaper ($0.10 per pill). Causes skin to be very sensitive and may also affect birth control pills. That’s no good.
  • Methlaquin: Only have to take weekly ($5-6 a pill). Side effect could be nightmares.
Once we arrive in Thailand, we should be able to get Malaria pills for much cheaper, but we were advised NOT to take Halafan because it’s not approved by the CDC and it’s known not to work very well.
Well, there’s the scoop on Malaria pills. On the agenda for tomorrow? Visas for Thailand and back to buses (again).

2 thoughts on “The Many Types of Malaria Pills

  1. I may have some old (expired, I’m sure) Malarone pills that I could give you….we could look into whether or not expired Malarone pills have potency left in them. Although now that I think about it, I’m guess Dave wouldn’t want to take a chance (considering his past experience with malaria in Thailand….yikes).


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