First Round of Travel Vaccinations

I just crossed my first 4 vaccinations off the list. At first, I thought that the only shot that would be covered by insurance was the tetanus shot, but somehow Dave figured out that there were several others that we could get covered as well. He saved us $300-$400 each! What a smartie!

So, I just got my Tetanus, MMR, Meningitis, and the first of my 2 Hepatitis A shots (I have to get the 2nd one in 6 months from now… I guess once we get to Thailand). None of them hurt, but the dr. said I was going to be sore tomorrow from the tetanus. Oh well, glad I can cross these off the list!

Dave got 2/4 of these, but for some reason his dr. didn’t have them all in stock so he has to go back for more (wasn’t that the whole point of me telling them what vaccines he needed when I made the appointment?). We have an appointment at a travel clinic in Columbus on May 20th to get the rest (Yellow Fever, Typhoid, and Polio for me). What a nice way for us to spend the day after our wedding 🙂


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