Florianopolis to Buenos Aires Busses… Again.

Today I decide to re-tackle this Florianopolis to Buenos Aires situation. It’s the only leg of the trip that I hadn’t quite figured out yet, and now I see that it’s because it’s much more complicated than any other bus trip we’ll be taking.

To the best of my knowledge and research thus far, there are no busses that go directly between Florianopolis and Buenos Aires. But, from Florianopolis, we can take a bus to Montevideo, Uruguay. This is a pretty common place to transfer to Buenos Aires from, as there’s a bus route or a ferry route between the two. And, we wouldn’t be going out of our way at all.

OK, so there’s a direct bus from Florianopolis to Montevideo, but the problem is that these buses only run once a week on Tuesdays (and we were planning to leave FL on wednesday). We could also go from FL to Porto Allegre, Brazil (which runs every day) and then Porto Allegre to Montevideo (which runs every day).

From Montevideo, we can take a 3 hour ferry to Buenos Aires, or we could just skip Buenos Aires on the front end and go directly to Mendoza, which in my opinion is a better option. That bus leaves on Thursdays, which should work out perfectly.

Now if we take the direct bus from Florianopolis to Montevideo on Tuesday, we would still have almost two full days in Florianopolis (which I think will probably be plenty, considering it won’t be that hot out) but then we’d also get to spend the a day in Punta Del Este (which we heard is an awesome beach town in Uruguay), and cross another country off our list.
Now really, the main reason that this Montevideo situation might work out is because there’s no reciprocity fee or tourist visa necessary for Americans traveling to Uruguay. So, if we can get another country and another awesome beach town into our itinerary without having to really pay any extra, why not!
I think this might be our answer, but Dave and I need to sit down with our calendar again to figure out if it all makes sense. It all seems like it’s going to be a little difficult logistically, but I think if anyone can figure out how to make it work, we can.
All I know is that I’m ready to lay this bus situation to rest for a while…

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