Done With TEFL And On To Job Applications

I hate to toot my own horn, but I think I may have broken a record for the fastest TEFL completion… like, ever! When you sign up, they give you 75 days to complete the course, and I finished with 58 left to go (the picture on the right was taken a little late). Pretty good, huh?

The course wasn’t hard, but some parts were definitely more challenging than I expected them to be. Most of all, sitting there day after day and reading information that I’ll most likely have to read again once I actually start teaching was brutal… Especially all the grammar sections. I can’t say that I’ve ever heard of “past perfect,” “present continuous,” or “present perfect continuous” in my life, and I’ll be amazed if I can teach elementary school children the difference between the three, but hey, I finished and passed (with flying colors, I might add – there I go tooting my own horn again). The course was supposed to take 120 hours, but I think it took me around 70 or 80 to complete. So, I put a good amount of time into it, and now comes the even more difficult/important/scary part… Applying for jobs.

TEFL Express seems to have a pretty good system in place for assisting with job placement. They have applications online for each different country and then your application is automatically distributed to all of their partner schools in said countries. Well, obviously I called them because I had about 500 questions to ask about the application and the lady I spoke to told me to just send her an email with all of my information, a list of countries I was interested in, and all necessary documents (passport scan, TEFL certificate, resume, and cover letter) and she would take care of distributing them all for me. Not only that, she told me that she would inform all of the schools that Dave and I were moving together so they could make “couple” arrangements for us. She said that Bangkok is very good at accommodating couples. Perfect! So, I sent over my email and within an hour she wrote me back telling me that I was all ready to go. We should be hearing back from the schools within three weeks, at the most. Don’t worry. I’ll keep you posted!

Of course, we don’t want to put all of our eggs in one basket, so we’ll be applying to other jobs that we find as well through sites such as (which I’ve heard is the best from several different people),, and Those are the sites that I’ve found so far, but I’m definitely still on the lookout and will keep you updated about which sites I find to be the most helpful.

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